Authenticate people, not passwords.

Use UnifyID's authentication platform to remove passwords and one-time passcodes (OTP) from your user experience while improving security and consumer convenience.

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User Security Evolved

Authenticate users based on what they do, not what they know.

UnifyID offers Multi-Factor Authentication services that combine deterministic, behavioral biometric and environmental attributes using machine learning to uniquely identify users.

And all the user has to do is be themselves.

Eliminate Passwords and One Time Passcodes from the User Experience

UnifyID Passive Auth Service

Applies advanced machine learning to behavioral biometrics and environmental factors to create a secure digital fingerprint of the user.

UnifyID PushAuth Service

Securely links browser application sessions to trusted mobile users with just one tap.

Remove Friction

Passive authentication eliminates painful user experiences, causing poor adoption for Multi-Factor Authentication programs. Say goodbye to annoying passcodes, security questions or even passwords altogether.

Improve Security

Our patent-pending technology leverages dynamic user attributes, such as motion and environment, which are neither known by the user nor remotely observable by an attacker; eliminating phishing and bot threats.

Deploy Rapidly

We designed our solution with developers in mind. Simply embed our SDKs and REST APIs and in a matter of hours get authentication results that will delight your users and security teams alike.

Passwordless Security

Ideal for any channel or use case

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