Use Cases

Use cases include those from Top 5 U.S. Retail Banks, Top 5 Global Payments Processors, Top 5 Global Automotive Components Manufacturers, among other Fortune Top 50 Companies.

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Automatic Identity Verification in the Physical World

  • Identification of Airlines Passengers
  • Identification of Bank Customers
  • Identification at Healthcare Facilities
  • Keyless Access to Motor Vehicles
  • Secure Hardware and Mobile Devices

Implicit Authentication Online

  • Risk Scoring for Mobile Users
  • Streamline eCommerce User Experience
  • Prevent Hostile Account Takeover (ATO)
  • Verification of Customers at Call Centers
  • Identify Seat-Sharing Abuse on Individual Licenses

What Our Customers Are Saying

“As today’s attacks get more and more sophisticated, so too must our ability to detect and respond. UnifyID gives unprecedented visibility regarding the behavioral biometrics of our users, so we can deliver our services and differentiate where it matters most….customer experience.”

SVP Identity & Customer Experience, Major Insurance Provider

“UnifyID’s Implicit platform gives our organization a leg-up on attacks, before they happen, by detecting fraudulent behavior at the user-level.”

Managing Director, Fraud & Authentication at Major Payment Processor

“From a User Experience perspective, UnifyID excels at creating seamless authentication solutions that do not burden our users with the traditional friction associated with proving your identity.”

VP Identity, Fortune 50 Bank

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