Imagine: 1-Click Login Across 500 Websites

Now, imagine seamless authentication everywhere. Software so powerful that by the sensors you already have on your phone, wearables, devices at home or the office, knows it’s you. No more 6-digit pin, string of upper and lowercase letters and numbers to signify that it is really you making a purchase, logging in, or entering a key swipe. Anywhere online or offline where you need to identify yourself, UnifyID promises that based on your everyday actions from factors like how you sit, walk, and type (i.e. passive factors also known as implicit authentication in academia), your “you-ness” can be determined with 99.999% accuracy. At times when the machine learning algorithms are unsure, an active challenge will be triggered on your nearest phone or device (e.g. fingerprint verification, among a dozen others in development).

Active Challenge
The UnifyID iOS active challenge is triggered when the machine learning algorithm requires additional verification to learn that it is really you.

UnifyID has been called the holy grail of authentication because the degree of security and sophistication of its machine learning efforts are unparalleled and the convenience and focus on usability makes trying the product unbelievably easy.

Between now and then, we’re in the stage of private beta–ensuring that the flows are easy and work as expected. UnifyID launched out of stealth at TechCrunch Disrupt in September. The initial sign on, logging out and logging back into sites has gone through more than 25 iterations in a few weeks (thanks to the onsite testers!). We’re ready to move forward to a remote private beta and test outside the bounds of our four-walls.

Join us on this journey to disrupt passwords. While “The Oracle” is still under development (our machine learning algorithms), we are moving full-forward on making sure that at this stage, the UnifyID user flows are easy for everyone to use, many times, everyday, across all sites.


Sign up for the UnifyID Private Beta:, click “Apply for Private Beta,” enter “Imagination” and why you are interested in participating in the beta in the secret handshake field.

Exclusive: UnifyID’s Private Beta Party

So what does it mean to launch out of stealth at TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield? Overnight, you go from an unknown to having thousands of fervent supporters of your technology and questions spanning from how the technology works to how I can get my hands on the product (apply for private beta) to if we’re hiring (we are) to if the founders are brothers (they’re close but not related).

We’re fortunate to have the chance to share our vision of making passwords obsolete with implicit authentication and demand has been brisk. We hear you loud and clear–individuals, organizations, and companies both locally and abroad struggle with remembering those pesky passwords and few believe their current rituals are secure.

When we invited a select few to our headquarters in SoMa San Francisco for our Private Beta Party, we were so pleased that the enthusiasm had only picked up since Disrupt. This elite group of initial beta testers will pave the way for everyone to successfully authenticate online or offline and with the simplicity of being yourself.

Thanks to these amazing trailblazers!

Join the revolution today and apply for our private beta. Apologies for the wait, but we are just as amped as you are to getting the product in your hands. Thank you for joining us along this journey.


Photo credits: Karina Furhman