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User Experience vs Security:
a Balancing Act

The security benefits of two factor authentication (2FA) are well documented by the likes of NIST. And yet user adoption remains low due to the poor user experience of most 2FA solutions like one time passcodes.

UnifyID’s PushAuth Service is removing the trade off between strong account security and seamless user experiences.

PushAuth Service:
Great UX and Security

Securely link browser sessions with trusted mobile devices
One-tap user experience with on-device biometric for added security
Immune to SIM swap and resistant to phishing threats

PushAuth Advantages over One Time Passcodes

User Experience

One-tap user interaction with no enrollment steps


No passcodes to be phished, no mobile number porting exposure

UX Passwordless login
No OTP Typing
Ease of User Enrollment
Security Immune to phone number porting
Resilient to phishing and social engineering
Secure network delivery protocol

Add our Passive Auth Service to PushAuth and get a level of user security not offered by any other 2FA solution:

Behavioral biometric proof that the right user received the authentication request.

Explore Passive Auth

Implements in Hours

lightweight sdks

Easily integrate in your Android, iOS, and web applications

simple rest apis

Fit seamlessly into your existing authentication stack

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