Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions

Comprehensive 2FA in one solution

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Passive Auth Service for Frictionless Security

Behavioral biometrics and environmental factors create a unique digital fingerprint
Passive authentication means no user disruption, and more real-time protection from phishing and other common attacks
Our approach avoids the use of passwords and PII - commonly leaked in data breaches - reducing the risk of account takeovers

PushAuth Service for Explicit Trust

Securely link browser sessions with trusted mobile devices
One-tap user experience with on-device biometric for added security
Immune to SIM swap and resistant to phishing threats

Management Console for Service Insights

Identify blocked attack vectors for early warning indicators
Gain insight into user authentication trends
Manage service settings to tailor your UnifyID experience

One Solution, Multiple Factors

Legacy multi-factor authentication providers typically offer just one security feature; often requiring enterprises to deploy several point solutions to boost effectiveness.

By contrast, UnifyID delivers multiple authentication methods in one solution; allowing customers to operate just one service with the proven security benefits of multiple factors.

Implements in Hours

lightweight sdks

Easily integrate in your Android, iOS, and web applications

simple rest apis

Fit seamlessly into your existing authentication stack

Protecting Consumer Data

no traditional PII used

Authentication based on behaviors, not traditional identifiable information

supports GDPR / CCPA Strategies

UnifyID eliminates traditional PII exposure in the authentication process

encrypted data

In-transit, at rest

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