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FALL 2016

We’re proud to introduce the inaugural UnifyID Artificial Intelligence Fellowship recipients for Fall 2016. This selective, cross-disciplinary program covers the following areas:

  • • Deep Learning
  • • Signal Processing
  • • Optimization Theory
  • • Sensor Technology
  • • Mobile Development
  • • Statistical Machine Learning
  • • Security and Identity
  • • Human Behavior

Our UnifyID AI Fellows will get to choose from one of 16 well-defined projects in the broad area of applied artificial intelligence in the context of solving the problem of seamless personal authentication.


The Fellows will be led by our esteemed Fellowship Advisors, experts in machine learning from CMU, Stanford, and University of Vienna, Austria.

Founder, CEO
Research Associate
Assistant Professor
Machine Learning Engineer


The final 16 fellows hail from Israel, Paris, Kyoto, Bangalore, and cities across the U.S. with Ph.D., M.S., M.B.A., and B.S. degrees from MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, Harvard, Columbia, NYU-CIMS, UCLA, Wharton, among other top institutions.

We were indeed overwhelmed by the amazing response to our first edition of the AI Fellowship and the sheer quality of applicants we received. We also take immense pride in the fact that more than 40% of our chosen cohort will be women, which further reinforces our commitment as one of the original 33 signees of the U.S. White House Tech Inclusion Pledge. - John Whaley, CEO

Student at UC Berkeley
Data Scientist
Software Engineer
Student at UC Berkeley
Data Scientist
VP of Engineering
Robotics Engineer
Student at New York University
(Remote participant)
Managing Director
AI Scientist
Researcher at IBM
Machine Learning Student at Berkeley
Sr System Integration Engineer at Tesla

Please welcome our incoming class! ✨

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