RSA Conference: A Look Back

It was an amazing week at RSA Conference. We were thrilled to share how far we’ve come since last year’s Innovation Sandbox win. Thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth and experienced our implicit authentication demo – we had such a positive response! If you were unable to attend RSA or missed our booth, please feel free to schedule a demo with us at our office in San Francisco.

Kurt all ready to roll the ATM down to Moscone Center.

It took many hours of hard work and dedication from our team to design and put booth materials together, program the ATM for the demo, launch our new website and much, much more. But all our hard work paid off and we left RSA week with a great sense of satisfaction from showing so many people how implicit authentication can make their lives more simple and secure.

Ted refilling the ATM with fresh two dollar bills.

In fact, we had such a positive response, we had to refill the ATM a few times! All in all, we were thrilled to return to RSA Conference, the leading cybersecurity event across the globe, and show how implicit authentication is the future of authentication.


RSA 2018: UnifyID Product Demo

RSAC TV 2018: John Whaley Interview

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TechCrunch Disrupt: UnifyID Just Knows Who You Are

RSA Innovation Sandbox: UnifyID

RSAC TV 2017: John Whaley Interview

Fast Facts

  • March 2015: UnifyID was founded by John Whaley and Kurt Somerville.
  • January 2016: UnifyID received its first seed investment and opened a modest 1,000 sq. ft. office in SoMa, San Francisco.
  • September 2016: UnifyID placed TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield Runner-up out of over 1,000 startups.
  • October 2016: UnifyID hosts its first private beta party for early adopters at HQ.
  • November 2016: UnifyID kicks off its inaugural AI Fellowship, Fall Edition.
  • December 2016: UnifyID conducts global security survey across 700+ organizations.
  • February 2017: UnifyID Scores a Unanimous Win at RSA Innovation Sandbox!
  • March 2017: UnifyID sweeps SXSW and places #1 in Security & Privacy.
  • August 2017: UnifyID Raises $20M Series A Funding.

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Our Team

At UnifyID, we believe it is time for authentication to be about you. Humans have always been considered to be the “weak link” in security. At UnifyID, we turn that around and use what is unique about each individual to enhance security. The best way to authenticate yourself is to be yourself.

What is UnifyID?

What is UnifyID?

UnifyID is the first implicit authentication platform designed for online and physical world use. We use human behavioral and enviromental factors to deliver 99.999% accuracy.

Fight fraud and account takeover (ATO):Identify your users in real-time.

Replace cumbersome passwords and MFA tokens without adding friction.

Improve customer experience with product personalization.

RSA Sandbox
2017 Winner

UnifyID™ Raises $20M Series A Funding from NEA to Fuel Next Gen Authentication

Company Uses Behavioral and Environmental Factors, Not Passwords, to Identify Users

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – August 1, 2017 – UnifyID is leading the development of an implicit authentication platform that requires zero conscious user actions. The Company announced today that it has closed $20 million in Series A financing led by NEA. Its General Partners Scott Sandell and Forest Baskett will be joining UnifyID’s Board. Investors Andreessen Horowitz, Stanford StartX, and Accomplice Ventures previously invested in the company’s Seed round, bringing the total invested to $23.4 million. This latest round of funding will be used to grow the team to expand enterprise trials, accelerate research and maintain the company’s position as the leader in implicit authentication and behavioral biometrics.

“Our goal is seamless security: you can be yourself and the devices and services you interact with will naturally recognize you based on what makes you unique,” said UnifyID founder John Whaley. Since 2015, UnifyID has been using a combination of signal processing, optimization theory, deep learning, statistical machine learning, and computer science to solve one of the oldest and most fundamental problems in organized society: How do I know you are who you say you are?

To date, the company has developed the first implicit authentication platform designed for online and physical world use. Named RSA’s Unanimous Winner for 2017, UnifyID utilizes sensor data from everyday devices and machine learning to authenticate you based on unique factors like the way you walk, type, and sit. The company has also partnered with global corporations to assess the generalizability of their software across industries.

The UnifyID solution combines over 100 different attributes to achieve 99.999% accuracy without users changing their behavior or needing specific training. The key is the proliferation of sensors combined with innovations in machine learning. UnifyID is the first product to develop neural networks to run locally on the phone to process sensor data in real-time.

“A large percentage of data breaches involve weak, default or stolen passwords, and we think passwords – as we know them – need an overhaul,” said Forest Baskett, NEA General Partner. “We are excited about the world-changing potential of UnifyID’s frictionless, universal authentication solution.”

In the past six months, UnifyID received national attention by winning security innovation competitions at TechCrunch Disrupt, RSA, and SXSW and continued to grow its engineering, machine learning, and enterprise deployment talent. For career and partnership inquiries, learn more at


Headquartered in San Francisco, UnifyID is the first implicit authentication platform. Its proprietary approach uses behavioral and environmental factors to identify users. In February of 2017, the Company was recognized as the most innovative start-up at RSA. For career and partnership inquiries, learn more at

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