Revolutionize the future of implicit authentication
Revolutionize the future of implicit authentication
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"We love to work on hard problems that have a big impact on society, while having fun doing it. We believe in using technology and data to make people's lives better."
- John Whaley, CEO

At UnifyID, culture is extremely important as we pave the way for friction-free authentication. We're assembling an incredible team of engineers and security experts that represent a huge variety of backgrounds and life experiences. This results in an amazing and vibrant perspective that is shared on a daily basis, and is directly fed into our product.

Our goal is to create a work environment that is not thought of as “work,” but more along the lines of productive camaraderie between a super tight-knit group. Trust is one of the founding principles of our company, and it all starts from the people. There is nothing more important than trusting your coworkers, as doing so opens new doors to which we can explore new strategies, ideas, and opportunities.

Nikhil Mehta
Engineering Intern
"The people where you work matter a lot and UnifyID hires great people! Everyone is super smart, yet friendly, and fun to talk to as well."
White House Pledge

We’ve committed to the first Tech Inclusion Pledge to promote diversity in the technological sector and workplace

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We’ve never been one to shy away from making our own path, and if we hear that it’s never been done that way before, we’re eager to try. Courage is in our DNA and gives us the freedom to pursue challenge without inhibitions. We’re humbled to be named TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield Runner-Up as we launch out of stealth, but we’re even more excited to eliminate passwords forever.

Many thanks to our supporters. We have read every tweet, Facebook post, article, article comment, and secret handshake. And for those who would like to take this disruptive journey behind Disrupt...

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Full-Stack Engineer

Full-time and Interns || San Francisco, CA

iOS Developer

Full-time and Interns || San Francisco, CA

Front-End Developer

Full-time and Interns || San Francisco, CA

Android Engineer

Full-time and Interns || San Francisco, CA

DevOps Engineer

Full-time || San Francisco, CA

Machine Learner

Full-time and Interns || San Francisco, CA

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