UnifyID is working to uniquely identify individuals based on human motions.

Sign up for our beta

We are beta testing a variety of factors and need your help! Our team has been working on developing factors based on human motions and are looking to expand our testing community. This app will measure motions from your mobile phone to determine the uniqueness of your signals.

What does UnifyID do with my testing data?

The walking data is anonymized and used to create a diverse dataset for improving human motion detection. Everyone interacts differently with his or her device and measuring these differences will help improve the app.

How secure is my testing data?

UnifyID takes customer security very seriously and has taken great lengths to ensure its protection. Your name/email address is not stored with any data collected from the tests and all personal information is only used to ensure we have a diverse set of testers.

I have questions/feedback/bugs to report!

Great, send us an email at support@unify.id and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

“Absolutely no problems, the process was seamless and was super quick!”

Jimmy D